Technologies Enhancement for Clean Combustion in Aero Engines

TECC-AE project


From the first air-planes heavier than air in the 20th century, aviation never stopped growing. Past and current objectives are the increase of transport capacities (persons and freight) and the reduction of fuel consumption.

old plane

Even if aviation is one of the less polluting ways to travel, it still has harmful consequences on the environment.

As we know, environment is a societal goal remembered to us through ACARE’s voice for the reduction of pollutant emissions. The Societal Research Agenda (SRA) defined by ACARE fixes objectives for 2020, i.e.
•    50% less CO2 emissions per km and per passenger and
•    80% less NOx emissions.

To reach these objectives, 18 European partners from different industrial, academic and scientific organizations are gathered since July 2008 around a 4-year lasting research project on Technologies Enhancement for Clean Combustion in Aero-Engines (TECC-AE).



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